"For Stemtek, being in BIC BIZKAIA means being in a privileged space for networking, with a good atmosphere and common facilities of great quality. We started when the building was opened, we have seen how it has evolved and we are very proud of what each company has been achieving with its effort and the great support received from Beaz."


"For Stockare, it has been a great step to access BIC Bizkaia, since being surrounded by Startups, synergies and collaborations are created. In addition, having access to the facilities (mechanized room, 3D printing, dining room, meeting rooms, ...) allows us to accelerate our startup significantly "

Lander Unanue


"BIC BIZKAIA is more than a workplace, it is a place where the growth of companies is enhanced. The support and services it offers to innovative technology-based companies have been fundamental to the growth of Novattia."

Jorge Vicente


"Although there are many incubators, it is impossible to find another as BIC Bizkaia. A perfect ecosystem for entrepreneurship and business acceleration."

Miguel Angel Campanero

A3Z Advanced

"Lumiker sees its stay in BIC Bizkaia building, as luck and opportunity. Luck, because it is within an environment of constant initiatives, where imagination and desire to launch or undertake is high. That is why you live in continuous motivation. Opportunity, because its installation and environment, adds value to the company, allowing a homologated environment to every high-tech company."


"For our team it is fortunate to be able to work at BIC BIZKAIA having at our disposal the best facilities and technological equipment, sharing space with companies with innovative ideas, and at the same time be surrounded by a natural environment."

RDT Ingenieros

"Bic Bizkaia is the best stimulant. Before I dreamed I could, now I know I can."

Ana Belén Martínez


El trato personalizado, los contactos, el ambiente de sinergias profesionales y el acceso a infraestructura, que la incubadora BIC Bizkaia pone a disposición de los emprendedores, han sido cruciales en la labor de arranque de The Art of Discovery.

Belen Jiménez

The Art Of Discovery

Bic Bizkaia has been a constant support for our professional and personal development, in a privileged environment with companies from our same sector, which has allowed us to create essential synergies for our growth. The following words could describe BIC Bizkaia: Accompaniment, advice, key environment, help, support and FRIENDSHIP.

Nuria González e Isbene Sánchez


"In BIC Bizkaia you breathe a disruptive and business collaboration environment, in the atmosphere of an ecosystem of entrepreneurship, unique and exclusive."

Juan Basterra


"The services, both the facilities and the staff of BIC Bizkaia, make it possible to make from an idea a business, accompanied during the whole process by professionals who know very well what it means to starting up a company."

Begoña Gartzia de Bikuña


"BIC Bizkaia has meant for Adddimen a launching pad where we have managed to give visibility and develop our business project."

Jon, Jon Ander y Joseba


"Without the BIC Bizkaia, nor the people who have helped us, Aleovitro S.L. it would not exist and its promoters would be looking for work abroad."


“Bic Bizkaia offers us the opportunity to promote an exciting and innovative project in a global and mature market. The use of common equipment and the plant growth chamber and, of course, the closeness and involvement of the BIC Bizkaia staff contribute to the development of our R & D.”


Through this platform I feel that I am part of wider scientific community within Bizkaia and beyond, with access to support and opportunities to collaborate with international partners.

Niahm Brannelly

Osasen Sensores SL

"The location at BIC BIZKAIA allows us not only to use modern facilities and everything necessary for a biotech, but also to interact with a vibrant community of scientific entrepreneurs from different disciplines. A luxury."

Egoitz Astigarraga

IMG Pharma