• "Although there are many incubators, it is impossible to find another as BIC Bizkaia. A perfect ecosystem for entrepreneurship and business acceleration."
    Miguel Angel Campanero
    A3Z Advanced
  • “Belonging to BIC Bizkaia is essential for IES Diagnostics. Not only does it offer us first-class facilities and laboratories, it also helps us by promoting our projection in an excellent innovative ecosystem with training courses and meetings focused on our needs. BIC Bizkaia accompanies us throughout the growth process as a startup, contributing together to generate progress in Euskadi and abroad.”
    Ane Rodrigo, Life Science Area Manager
    IES Diagnostics
  • BIC BIZKAIA is an ideal environment to develop your entrepreneurial project, because you can share your doubts and progress with the rest of the companies located there, and because you have direct support from BEAZ to keep up to date on how the Provincial Council can help you to continue growing.
    Rubén Molina, CEO
  • "For me, BIC BIZKAIA is a channel for personal and professional transformation on the path to entrepreneurship, a place full of life and opportunities to achieve my dreams."
    Nagore Fernández, Founder
  • "For ZeniaLabs, BIC Bizkaia is the vehicle that allows us to be integrated into a privileged entrepreneurial ecosystem in the technological core of Bizkaia. It provides us with the appropriate platform to collaborate and get closer to our clients in Euskadi, and also allows us to promote our projects at national and international level."
    Javier Sánchez Cubillo, CEO
  • BIC Bizkaia is a place where we can realise the ideas we once dreamed of, where you can breathe fellowship, enthusiasm and innovation. No matter how far you want to go, because along the way, you will always have someone to lend you a hand. It is the perfect ecosystem to give shape to your entrepreneurial project
    Gorka de la Red
  • At the BIC we can fully develop as a company thanks to the opportunities for collaboration with the other companies located there and the invaluable help of the staff who manage the incubator.
    Ander García
    Drone by Drone
  • "BIC Bizkaia provides the perfect environment to grow up our company, and supports us with the existing infrastructure, people and specialized trainings in the development of our vision in the battery field".
    Batterieingenieure South Europe, S.L.
  • "Without the BIC Bizkaia, nor the people who have helped us, Aleovitro S.L. it would not exist and its promoters would be looking for work abroad."
  • El trato personalizado, los contactos, el ambiente de sinergias profesionales y el acceso a infraestructura, que la incubadora BIC Bizkaia pone a disposición de los emprendedores, han sido cruciales en la labor de arranque de The Art of Discovery.
    Belen Jiménez
    The Art Of Discovery
  • "The services, both the facilities and the staff of BIC Bizkaia, make it possible to make from an idea a business, accompanied during the whole process by professionals who know very well what it means to starting up a company."
    Begoña Gartzia de Bikuña
  • "The location at BIC BIZKAIA allows us not only to use modern facilities and everything necessary for a biotech, but also to interact with a vibrant community of scientific entrepreneurs from different disciplines. A luxury."
    Egoitz Astigarraga
    IMG Pharma
  • Mikrobiomik F.C continues to complete its talented staff at the BIC Bizkaia facilities, forming a team of 19 people, 84% women. We would like to thank the Beaz girls for their extraordinary support on a daily basis, as well as the different options they offer us, year after year, to contribute to the training and development of our team of Mikrobiomers.
    Juan Basterra
  • "BIC Bizkaia has meant for Adddimen a launching pad where we have managed to give visibility and develop our business project."
    Jon, Jon Ander y Joseba