Provider programa II. edizioaren azken faserako sailkatutako proiektuak

3D BARATZA Diseñalmi educAR HDIzaera Lázaro Médano Studio Vertex

Congratulations IMG Pharma!

IMG Pharma has recently published the work “Analysis of Acetylcholinesterase Activity in Cell Membrane Microarrays of Brain Areas as a Screening Tool to Identify Tissue Specific Inhibitors” in the international peer-reviewed journal Analytica ( analytica2010003). This article describes a High […]

TAD has opened, in the BIC Bizkaia building of the Science and Technology Park of Bizkaia, an insectary

An installation, financed by the Swiss entity Medicines for Malaria Venture, with which it can reproduce the entire complex cycle of malaria, in its phases of transmission, hepatic and erythrocytic. Likewise, it allows to develop studies in other pathologies in […]

Anbiolab eat Teknopolis

Thansk a lot Biofungitek

Today it is time to say goodbye to BIOFUNGITEK since, after completing their incubation period, they have to leave the BIC. Although unfortunately we cannot give them the farewell they deserve, it is not a sad farewell, because although we […]

Collaborative robotic practice session

Due to the success of yesterday’s PROVIDER day, and the good disposition of K- Robots, today two other FP centers and BIC’s resident companies have had the opportunity to get to know first-hand the uses and applications of collaborative robotics […]

New session of the II. Edition of the PROVIDER Program

Today our centre hosts a new session of the II. Edition of the PROVIDER Program, on this occasion by Kolbi, Universal Robots and 3D Lan, future entrepreneurs will be trained on collaborative robotics and their synergy with 3D printing. In […]

Best postgraduate’s final project award carried out at IMG Pharma Biotech

The University of the Basque Country has awarded Nerea Nieto Ulibarri for her Final Postgraduate´s Thesis “Study of the effect of antimalarial drugs on organ-specific mitocondrial respiration in cell membranes”. The aforementioned TFM framed in Pharmacology; development, evaluation and rational […]

Christmas at BIC Bizkaia

Thanks to the collaboration of the companies that are part of the BIC, one more year we can enjoy an original Christmas tree! The BIC Bizkaia team wants to thank all of you for your participation and contribution of decorations, […]

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