It is a specialised centre in advanced technology sectors and high value-added technologies. Specialisation facilitates interaction between agents, encouraging response to the needs of users and creating opportunities.

Those sectors using bio-micro-nano technologies, clean technologies and advanced manufacturing, preferably if they use laboratory equipment, are proposed as priority ones.

The following factors have been taken into account in the selection:


Bio-micro-nano technologies

Technologies of the future with a remarkable research potential to generate high value knowledge.
There are successful companies that could be a referent for entrepreneurs.
The environment (infrastructures, quality of life, tax benefits, etc.) is appealing to attract outside projects.

Clean Technologies

Important business establishment, especially in the energy sector, and advanced knowledge in RVCTI.
Various initiatives to promote innovative projects based on these technologies at the level of Euskadi, coexist in the BIC.
There is a large base of entrepreneurial projects related to clean technologies.

Advanced manufacturing

Industrial tradition that includes the development of innovation projects in this area.
Advanced knowledge generated in the Science, Technology and Innovation Network.
Advanced manufacturing is a promising sector for which there are no specialised incubators in our environment.