BIC Bizkaia is located in the Scientific and Technologic Park of Bizkaia, at Astondo Bidea, building 612, Derio.

The building has 6000m2 on two floors. The ground floor has 13 individual modules, and workshops with the necessary equipment for activities of advanced manufacturing and clean technologies. The first floor has another 18 individual modules and a 200m2 area of laboratories for bio, micro and nanotechnology projects.

Ground floor

  • Initial setup designed to place 13 companies in privatisable modules with an area from 70 to 150 m2 per module.
  • Advanced manufacturing and clean technologies are the reference sectors of this floor.
  • Entrepreneurship room for projects in the pre-incubation phase that has 24 workstations, 2 meeting rooms and 3 concentration areas, as well as several spaces with mobile furniture.
  • Workshop area (200m2) arranged in two adjacent areas equipped with fire-fighting system, three-phase voltage points, special lighting, etc.
  • 3D room
  • Beaz office
  • Common areas: office, meeting rooms, reception First floor
  • Investor's Room

    Capacity for 10 people

  • Entrepreneurship room

    Capacity for 24 jobs

  • Meeting rooms

    Capacity for 4 people

  • Machining workshop


  • Meeting rooms

    Capacity for 6 people

  • Multipurpose classroom

    Capacity for 70 people

  • Meeting rooms

    Capacity for 20 people

  • Rest area


  • 3D room


  • Beaz office


First floor

  • Initial setup designed to place 18 companies in privatisable laboratory modules (average size 87m2).
  • Bio, micro and nano technologies are the reference sectors of this floor.
  • Laboratories equipped with sockets for gases, shelves and other laboratory furniture, as well as offices and warehouse spaces.
  • Common areas equipped for bio-nano-micro practices: cold storage rooms, clean rooms, waste storage areas, etc.
  • Company laboratories

  • Washing and sterilization room

  • Vegetable growing chamber

  • Freezer room

  • Solutions and Mixtures Room

  • Multiple Use Instrumental Room