About BIC Bizkaia

The Basque Government and the Provincial Council of Bizkaia have jointly launched the BIC Bizkaia, an ambitious project that aims to promote and accelerate the processes of business creation and innovation in Bizkaia, to generate economic activity and employment in the territory.

BiC Bizkaia aims to be a centre of national and international reference for innovation, growth and development of initiatives in the field of bio, micro and nanotechnology as well as advanced manufacturing and clean technologies, a reference for the creation of startups, innovation projects, and growth of the located enterprises. In this context, the Basque Government and the Provincial Council of Bizkaia have entrusted the management of BIC Bizkaia to BEAZ. Management is carried out in coordination with the Science and Technology Park of Bizkaia , the SPRI, and the two mentioned institutions.

Characteristics of the incubator

Shared Initiative

Shared between the Basque Government and the Provincial Council of Bizkaia, in a joint effort to promote the creation of businesses and innovative projects.


Born with the aim of contributing to the development of new businesses and innovative projects with high capacity to generate economic activity and employment in Bizkaia, complementing other existing infrastructures and initiatives.


The centre is specialised in high value-added sectors and technology. Specialisation facilitates interaction between agents, favouring the response to user needs and generating opportunities. Those sectors using bio-micro-nano, clean and manufacturing technologies, preferably if they use laboratory equipment, are considered as priority areas.


The centre has to be a meeting point in which all activities and agents related to business creation came together, facilitating interaction between entrepreneurs, companies, professionals and investors. In addition, companies and projects at different stages of development (developers, startups, consolidated companies in growth phases and innovation projects) will be host, favouring interaction and exchange of experiences, which will provide a differential value to the centre.


Actions should be developed proactively to identify and attract new projects, initiatives and talent. This means that BIC Bizkaia will have to create prospective mechanisms and attract opportunities within Bizkaia and also in other territories.

Integrated and networking

BIC Bizkaia should be part of the Basque entrepreneurship and innovation support system, complementing other spaces and initiatives. In this regard, BIC Bizkaia will develop agreements with other organisations in order to make available to projects located in the incubator, the equipment resources and facilities at their disposal, that companies and technology centres in the park have.

Efficiently and economically sustainable

The centre should be guided by efficiency criteria in the management of resources, maximising not just the economic return, but also the image and know-how, being economically sustainable in the long term.