BIC Bizkaia offers the following services to all projects and companies installed


Our technical team, which is very close to the business fabric, has an extensive knowledge of the innovative ecosystem of Bizkaia and a wide experience in mentoring innovation projects to:

  • Help you reflecting on the definition of an innovative enterprise itinerary.
  • Support you in the conception of a project idea.
  • Advise on the stage of preparation of the draft.
  • Guide you at the steps necessary to qualify for the aid of the Provincial Council of Bizkaia.
  • Inform of other regional and state aids that could be of interest to the project and to other areas of the company.
  • Advise you on project management.


Acceleration services for projects in BIC Bizkaia include the following activities:

  • Mentoring of projects.
  • Access to specialised centres in technology and generation of environmental knowledge.
  • Facilitating access to driving companies to enhance the marketing of products and services that can provide the startups and businesses.
  • Organisation of contacts and investment rounds for entrepreneurs, startups and businesses.
  • Attracting high potential startups for placement in the Incubator.
  • Performing specialised training activities.