The management of BIC Bizkaia will be distributed in working committees for each of the processes.


attraction of projects.

Admission and Exit:

Analysis of applications for admission and exit, depending on:

  • Fitting with the areas of specialisation of the incubator
  • Potential for creating economic activity and employment
  • Balanced distribution between the different types of users of the incubator (innovation units, startups, promoters, investors, consolidated companies).
  • Positioning of the responsibles for the idea / project with the objectives of the incubator


Development of monitoring and tutoring functions of incubated projects, through: -Assignment of a tutor to each project:

  • Asignación de un/a tutor/a a cada proyecto
  • Monitoring of projects
  • Access to local, regional or state aid programmes
  • Diffusion of projects
  • Networking sessions
  • Use of common spaces


Accelerate the development of incubated projects, facilitating user access to Centre activities, services and advanced and specialised resources. This is the process that should differentiate the activity of BIC Bizkaia, meaning the number of acceleration actions and their intensity. These actions include:

  • Contact with industry experts and mentors
  • Conferences with investors and investment rounds
  • Specialised training
  • Access to specific opportunities (innovative public procurement, contact with tractor companies, etc.)
  • Technology transfer
  • Provision of resources and equipment of other facilities of the environment

Support processes:

to ensure the smooth functioning of the general services of BIC Bizkaia, and maintenance and replacement of the necessary equipment. In addition, the centre will have two lines of specific attention for the sectors located on each floor: advanced manufacturing and clean and bio technologies, micro and nanotechnology.