23 March, 2022

A3Z Advanced in Talanta journal

The prestigious journal Talanta, one of the most relevant international peer-reviewed journals in the field of Analytical Chemistry, has published the first results obtained in the R&D&i line of A3Z advanced design, development and evaluation of new materials with high […]
23 February, 2022

Anbiolab on the SPRI website

ANBIOLAB report in the Blog de la Empresa Vaca on the SPRI website
13 October, 2021

Aleovitro signs agreement with Heineken Spain

“The trust that Heineken has placed in Aleovitro is an endorsement of our way of doing things from the local to the global, fuelled by the synergies created in our entrepreneurial ecosystem sponsored by DFB, BEAZ and Parke Tecnológico at […]
28 September, 2021

Mikrobiomik en el especial de “El Correo” sobre salud

Entrevista a Juan Basterra, director de Mikrobiomik, en el suplemento de salud de “El Correo”. Mikrobiomik PDF 604 kb